FRYSK! Czech 2017


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Contacts: Liuwe Westra, Herbert Tulleken or Marten Walinga. More information can also be found at , and

Vaclav Krista, winner of the championships FRYSK! 2017


FRYSK! Czech championship


Qualification tournament

9 November 2017, Praghue,

Endgame tournament, 5 against 5 pieces, 7 rounds




1. (6,5pt.) Václav Křišta


2. (6 pt.) Petra Dušková


3. (5 pts.) Lumír Gatnar


4. (3.5 pts.) Martin Plesnivý


5. (2.5 pts.) David Kotin


6. (2.5 pts.) Hana Kotinová


7. (2 pts.) Pavel Noga


8. (0 pts.) Vladimír Kotin


On 9 november 2017, the third official Czech draughts championship was held, using Frisian rules. They played FRYSK!, with 5 pieces each. The championship was held in Praghue.


The winner of the tournament was Vaclav Krista, he is now qualified for the worldchampionships FRYSK! in March 4, 2018.