FRYSK! Italy 2017


The Queen of all Mind Sports


Contacts: Liuwe Westra, Herbert Tulleken or Marten Walinga. More information can also be found at , and


FRYSK! Italian Championships


16 December 2017 Aosta, Italy



1st. (4,5pts.) Davide Gemma (Aosta)

2nd (4pts.) Daniel Pozza

3th (4 pts) Laurent Hervé

4th (4 pts.) Roberto Tovagliaro

5th (4pts) Paolo Faleo

6th (3,5pts) Davide Zhou

7th (3,5 pts) Elia Cantatore

8th (3,5 pts) Martina Zola

9th (2,5 pts) Davide Tamborin

10th (2,5 pts) Jacopo Anania

11th (2,5 pts) Federico Giacosa

12th (2 pts) Enzo Agostino

13th (1,5pts) Alessandro Ferrari

14th (0 pts) Fransesco Zappia


Davide Gemma from Aosta is qualified for the World Championships FRYSK! 2018 in Franeker