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Frisian Draughts players (rating) and invited international players


Taeke Kooistra (1835)


One of the strongest players ever. Has won more championships than anyone else. Always motivated to play at the highest level. Has won all games during a championship on two occasions. He is an expert in converting a tiny advantage into a winning game.

Jelle Wiersma (1797)


One of the best players in modern time, Jelle Wiersma is one of the few players who has won a championship without losing a game!!


Taeke Kooistra
Jelle Wiersma

Alexander Georgiev


Worlds strongest draughtsplayer.


With his impressive calculating ability he is able to learn other variants very quickly, including Frisian Draughts, and play them at a high level.


Franeker 2014: 'I never heard of this version of draughts before coming here, I really enjoy all the combination possibilities of this game. There is definitely a future for Frisian Draughts.'

Anatoli Gantvarg


Former worldchampion, about Frisian Draughts: 'Of all the draughts variants in the world, this game is perfect. It is the draughts version of chess.'

Alexander Georgiev
Anatoli Gantvarg

Foeke Tiemensma (1666)


Started as an international draughtsplayer. Nowadays only plays Frisian Draughts and will probably soon become a champion.

Folkert Groenveld (1593)


Writer of articles about Frisian Draughts. Has published a theoretical book of the game. Has played at the top level for many years.

Augustinus van der Goot (1599)


For many years the champion of Frisian Draughts. Van der Goot was one of the best players ever. He died in December 2015.

Marten Walinga (1677)


Champion in 2000. He likes to organise tournaments and to publish on the game.

Pieter Hoogterp (1515)


A new talent rising to the top with great calculation abilities..

Henk Haanstra ( 1564)


A fixture for many years in the top rankings, hard to defeat. Still going strong.

Hein de Vries (1495)


Plays conservatively and robustly. Hard to defeat


Sjoerd Jan Bakker (1390)


Recently again a very strong player.

Cor Kooistra (1442)


Creative and theoretical player.

Foeke Tiemensma
Folkert Groenveld
Augustinus van der Goot
Marten Walinga
Pieter Hoogterp
Henk Haanstra
Hein de Vries
Sjoerd Jan Bakker
Cor Kooistra

Macodou Ndiaya


Frisian Draughts! A nice game but very hard. I will absolutely need more time to make progress and to understand its ins en outs.

Aleksei Domchev


Frisian Draughts is a very special game. The horizontal and vertical capturing of pieces in particular gives it a complete different character. This game has the original elements of draughts and even parts of other checkered boardgames like chess. The endgame is very curious: even a tiny

advantage can result in a better position, for example, two kings will always win against one king.

To play Frisian Draughts you must think in a different way to normal draughts, I think. But it is absolutely very complex and curious and it deserves publicity, action and growth.



Jean Marc Ndjofang


I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your invitation to this distinguished and welcoming tournament. I had a lovely time here and I am ready to contribute to helping to introduce Frisian Druaghts everyhere. I wish you every success.

Vaclav Krista


Frisian Draughts is nice and complicated and relatively unknown, but absolutely with a bright future. I hope that Czech draughts players will participate in the future.


Patrick Casaril


I am very pleased that I could join this grandmaster tournament for Frisian Draughts. It is a beautiful game even if it is very complicated.


Auke Zijlstra


Frisian Draughts wasn’t totally new to me, but the more I delved into this game, the more I was impressed with all the possibilities of positions with only a few men apiece.

Hans Jansen


It takes some effort to master the basic knowledge. When will a game be good enough to stand the test of time on both sides? To play like this in the future is my motivation now.



Michele Borghetti


Champion in Italy and checkers world champion, for both 64 board games. A beautiful game and you need all the calculation abilities you possess.

Leopold Sekongo


This is the hardest game I have ever played.

Macodou nDiaye
Aleksej Domchev
Jean Marc Ndjofang
Vaclav Krista
Patrick Casaril
Hans Jansen
Auke Zijlstra
Michele Borghetti
Leopold Sekongo

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