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Aleksei Domchev
Fryslân Open at sailingship Elizabeth
Alexander Schwartsman
Auke Zijlstra and Hein de Vries
Rindert Walinga and Auke Zijlstra
Play-off between Sjoerd Couperus and Hein de Vries
Play-off between Sjoerd Couperus and Taeke Kooistra
Visitors during the play-offs
Michele Borghetti against Rindert Walinga
Belgium match between Renaud Braye and Patrick Casaril
Moments before a new round
Playingroom on the sailingship Elizabeth
Murodullo Amrilaev concentrates
First match of the grandmastersmatch between Domchev and Zijlstra
First round of the grandmasters at the old townhall
Opening of Fryslân Open: First move by owner of the Tall-ship company, Jan Bruinsma
Erwin Heslinga
Erwin Heslinga
Fedde Wiersma
Tournament FRYSK! at the old town hall. Valneris against Schwartsman
Alexander Georgiev wins against Bauke Dijkstra
Two champions: Alexander Georgiev and Taeke Kooistra
Georgiev against Valneris
First round grandmasters
Alexander Georgiev wins against Rindert Walinga
Historical playingroom at the town hall
Second day of the grandmasterstournament
Playing and online notation
Grandmasters: Martijn van Gortel against Aleksei Domchev
Frisian grandmasters
Burgomaster Fred Veenstra and the international grandmasters in Frisian Draughts
Winners of the Frisian grandmasters
Pairing: Guntis Valneris versus Jelle Wiersma
International draughtsplayers
CEO of sponsoring company Gasunie, Han Fennema, receives the book "Oer Alles"
Hans Jansen
Hans Jansen
Hein de Vries
Erwin Heslinga - Aleksei Domchev
Hylke Algra
Jelle Wiersma and Foeke Tiemensma
Three days tournament on the Elizabeth
Leopold Sekongo
Captain of the Elizabeth, Folkert
Kees Tijssen
Kees Tijssen
Moments before Tjalling Goedemoed wins against Taeke Kooistra
At the town hall
Leopold Sekongo
Leopold Sekongo
Liuwe Westra
Wim van Mourik and a lecture about historical Frisian draughtsboards
Martijn van Gortel
Georgiev against van Gortel
Borghetti, Schwartsman and Sikma
Borghetti against Tiemensma
Tournament FRYSK! Borghetti against Walinga
Michele Borghetti
Murodullo Amrilaev
Fryslân Open on television
Burgomaster Fred Veenstra: Welcome in Franeker
Patrick Casaril
Toernooibaseman: Piet Bouma
Guntis Valneris
Marcel Nijman demonstrates the App "Fries Dammen"
Renaud Braye
Rindert Walinga
Draughtsplayers also play chess
Shanty choir Sterk Spul
First round
President of the Frisian Draughts federation, Siebe Walinga
Moments before a new round
Sjoerd Couperus
Taeke Kooistra
Tjalling Goedemoed
Fryslân Open 2015 on sailing ships Elizabeth and Antigua
Playingroom Elizabeth
Kees Tijssen verus Taeke Kooistra
Moving on the tablets for the live games
Valneris - Georgiev
Valneris versus Schwartsman during FRYSK!
Valneris verus Wiersma
Wiersma - Georgiev
Tjerk Wijbenga versus Patrick Casaril
Auke Zijlstra
Zijlstra - Tijssen

Grandmasters 2015, 27-28 March 2015

Games and mutual results (KNDB-Toernooibase)


International Grandmasters

1.Alexander Georgiev 2,5

2. Auke Zijlstra 1,5

3. Martijn van Gortel 1

4. Aleksej Domchev 1

Frisian Grandmasters

1. Jelle Wiersma 2,5

2. Taeke Kooistra 2

3. Kees Tijssen 1

4. Hein de Vries 0,5

Tournament FRYSK!

28 March 2015, Franeker

Endgametournament 5 against 5 pieces, 8 rounds


1. Folkert Groenveld 6,5 +1

2. Rindert Walinga 6,5 +0

3. Tjerk Wijbenga 6

4. Michele Borghetti 6

5. Fedde wiersma 5,5

6. Bauke Dijkstra 5,5

7. Gatze Ykema 5

8. Guntis Valneris 5

9. Siebren Dyk 4,5

10. Renaud Braye 4,5

11. Liuwe Westra 4,5

12. Piet Sikma 4,5

13. Marcel Nijman 4

14. Klaas van der Goot 4

15. Hans Jansen 4

16. Patrick Casaril 4

17. Hylke Algra 4

18. Douwe Namminga 4

19. Alexander Shvartsman 3,5

20. Sjoerd Couperus 3,5

21. Jan Nauta 3,5

22. Auke Boschma 3,5

23. Jeljer Westra 3

24. Paul Borghaerts 3

25. Liuwe Meint Postma 2,5

26. Murodullo Amrillaev 2,5

27. Leopold Sekongo 2,5

28. Siward Walinga 2

29. Herman Bakker 2

30. Nout Mulder 0,5



Fryslân Open 2015 and Tournaments FRYSK

24-28 March in Franeker

Fryslân Open 2015

Games and mutual results (Toernooibase)


International Group

1. Alexander Georgiev 5

2. Aleksei Domchev 5

3. Auke Zijlstra 4

4. Martijn van Gortel 4

5. Murodullo Amrillaev 3,5

6-9.Hans Jansen 3

Michele Borghetti3

Erwin Heslinga3

Alexander Shvartsman 3

10.Patrick Casaril 2,5

11.Guntis Valneris 2

12.Renaud Braye 1,5

13.Leopold Sekongo 1


Frisian Group

1. Jelle Wiersma 7,5

2. Kees Tijssen 6

3. Taeke Kooistra 5,5 +2 +2

4. Hein de Vries 5,5 +2 +1

5. Sjoerd Couperus 5,5 +2 +0

6. Foeke Tiemensma 5,5 +0

7-8. Tjalling Goedemoed 5

Tjerk Wijbenga 5

9-12.Hylke Algra 4

RindertWalinga 4

Fedde Wiersma 4

Piet Sikma 4

13. Bouke Dijkstra 2