Frisian Draughts

In the northern part of The Netherlands, there is a province with not only a language and a culture of its own, but also its own mind sport: Frisian Draughts. This type of draughts has been played for more than 400 years in that part of the world. Several times, this game was brought outside the Netherlands, for example to Paris, Denmark and Sweden. In Paris, the Frisian rules were combined with the French rules to produce a new variant: International Draughts.

It is our purpose to introduce the original Frisian rules anew to the world. The original Frisian rules have the considerable advantage, that a game only seldom ends in a draw.

With the help of an English-language manual, an app and other internet features we intend to make draughts players all over the world acquainted with this spectacular game. In 2018, it is our purpose to hold the first official World Championship Frisian Draughts.


Each year between now and 2018, the best players of the world are invited to come to the Frisian town of Franeker to try Frisian Draughts. Last year, 2015, worldchampion Alexander Georgiev, former world champions Alexander Scharzman, Guntis Valneris and wordchampion Checkers Michele Borghetti were among the participants.


Organisation: WFD - World Championship Frisian Draughts

Worldchampion international draughts: Guntis Valneris
Alexander Swartsman
Michele Borghetti and Alexander Swartsman
Michele Borghetti
Alexander Georgiev
Guntis Valneris
Worlchampion checkers: Michele Borghetti
Wordchampion international draughts: Alexander Swartsman
Worldchampion international draughts: Alexander Georgiev
Alexander Georgiev and champion Frisian draughts Taeke Kooistra
Alxander Swartsman