1: Play online Frisian Draughts

On a new website you can play every day with your friends and join  tournaments in Frisian draughts.

The base of this powerfull website is one of the most visited websites of chess;

It is also possible to create your own study or learn from other studies.

We recommend this website to all draughts players.

2: Opening Explorer in Toernooibase

To learn more about the openings, you can use the App Frisian Draughts, but it is also possible to use the Opening explorer at the Frisian Draughts part of Toernooibase.

3: App Frisian Draughts

Download the Frisian draughts App FRIES DAMMEN for free from:

Itunes (Apple)

Playstore (Android)

Amazon Appstore (Kindle)

BlackBerryWorld (BlackBerry 10)

Frisian Draughts when played with 5 men a piece is called FRYSK!

FRYSK! can also be played via the cloud.

Download the FRYSK! App for free from:

Itunes (IOS)

Playstore (Android)

Amazon Appstore (Kindle)

Before you can play one of these apps on Windows you must first download and install: Bluestacks

App description:

Use the Frisian draughts App to  play draughts according to the Frisian rules.

A great deal of attention has been paid to the graphics, with the aim of making the game  look attractive, without any distracting bling-bling. The App is ideal  for  learning  Frisian draughts quickly.


Games can be played by 1 or 2 players, and either with or without a clock. All the standard features like swapping sides or rotating the board are of course available.


Get an account for free and  play the game amongst  others players. With chat function.


Use the intuitive interface to set up the starting position.


Three piece endgame is available in the App, soon   an update with the 4-piece endgame, reveiling the secrets  of the difficult endgames in Frisian  draughts.


Frisian Draughts contains a separate screen for analysing positions. Just ask the engine for an evaluation.


Peruse the game you have  just played, add notes and e-mail the game notation, or copy it to the clipboard.


Save your games for future reference.

This application was developed for the Dambond Fries Spel, and has been realised with the help of a grant from  the Provincie Fryslân.


4: Play a quick game