28 December 2019

Jelle Wiersma unbeatable during the fifth Dutch Open championships FRYSK!

1 December 2019

WFD organises today, together with the next free tournament FRYSK! 

28 November 2019

Andrea Peirano wins the school tournament in Wirdum, team St. Martinet from Ville d'Aosta first.

4 November 2019

A special draughtsgame has started in Franeker between Foeke Tiemensma and Hans Jansen

1 November, 2019

The calender of 2019-2020 has been published.

26 October 2019 lanches  the App Lidraughts.

5 June 2019

New draughtsclub in Groningen anounce their first tournament to be held on 15 June 2019

3 March 2019

Results of Fryslân Open 2019 and the fourth world championships FRYSK!

3 February 2019

After two rounds, Jelle Wiersma in leading position at the Frisian Championships 2019

15 January 2019

Fryslân Open 2019 26 February - 3 March 2019

29 December, 2018

Jelle Wiersma wins the Dutch Open Championships FRYSK! 2018

26 October, 2018

The Oer Alles magazine is now online.

18 October, 2018

The calender of 2018-2019 has been published.

10 August, 2018

Marten Walinga is the first worldchampion Frisian draughts.

15 July, 2018

The pairing for the first round of the Worldchampionships has been executed.

1 July, 2018

The Board of the Foundation WFD (World Championship Frisian Draughts) has decided that the first World Championship will go ahead, as planned, and will be held in the City Hall of the Dutch town of Leeuwarden (3rd through 10th of August 2018)

13 April, 2018

Baljakin and Groenveld the new Dutch Champions in International Draughts and Frisian Draughts.

4 Marc,h 2018

Alexander Georgiev and Taeke Kooistra winners of the grandmasters. Foeke Tiemensma world champion FRYSK! (Endgame tournament)

17 February, 2018

Jelle Wiersma Champion of Fryslân

17 December, 2017

Davide Zhou wins the Italian Championships Frisian Draughts and qualifies for the WC.

12 november, 2017

Czech Republic championship Frisian Draughts 2017

9 november, 2017

Czech Republic championship FRYSK!, winner and qualified: Václav Křišta

22 October, 2017

Alexander Georgiev beats Folkert Groenveld and wins the first European Championships

3 october, 2017

European Cultural Capital Leeuwarden-Fryslân 2018 launches the projects for 2018

25 July, 2017

A Frisian youth team played today at Valle D'Aosta (Italy) two mathes against an Italian youth team. Both teams won in their own variant of draughts: FRYSK! a close finish for the Frisian team and Italian draughts, an almost total victory for the Italian team. Results and photo's.

11 July, 2017

The FMJD declares official recognition of Frisian draughts.

Tournaments of Frisian draughts are accepted on the international draughts calender

6 July, 2017

WFD Foundation ancounce the project World Championships Frisian Draughts

5 July, 2017

First Dama Day will be held on 25 July 2017 in Aosta.

17-20 May, 2017:

Denmark, University of Copenhagen: Board Games Studies, Colloquium XX.

Dr. Liuwe Westra: The Role of Frisian Draughts in the International Development of Draughts

6 May, 2017:

 Interview with Vasyl Ivanchuk on One his the favorite tournaments is FRYSLÂN OPEN

25 April, 2017:

Worldchampionships Frisian Draughts will be held at the Town hall of Leeuwarden, Cultural Capital of Europe, on 3 - 10 August 20188

5 March, 2017:

Hans Jansen and Foeke Tiemensma winners of the Grandmasters, Taeke Kooistra worldchampion FRYSK!

4 Februari, 2017:

New tournament added to Toernooibase: 2017 Championships

3 January 2017

WFD Foundation ancounce FRYSLÂN OPEN 2017

30 December 2016

Jelle Wiersma wins the second championship FRYSK! of the Netherlands

15 December 2016

Vaclav Krista wins the second championship FRYSK! of the Czech Republic

3 November 2016

Italian team wins championships for schools FRYSK!

12 Oktober 2016

Launch of the online function of the Apps Frisian draughts and RYSK!  also a match between WC FRYSK! Jelle Wiersma and WC Checkers Michele Borghetti.

28 August, 2016

Alessio Mecca champion FRYSK! of Italy: Results and pictures

24 March, 2016

Bjusterbaarlik (Tjalling van den Bosch)

23 March, 2016

Fryslân Open 2016, Grandmasters, WK FRYSK!: Results and pictures

13 March, 2016:

Tournament rules Fryslân Open 2016 released

8 March, 2016:

Programme booklet Fryslân Open 2016 released

5 March, 2016:

Omrop Fryslân Radio announces Fryslân Open 2016

23 Februari, 2016:

New tournament added to Toernooibase: 2016 Championships

19 Februari, 2016:

The Fryslân Open 2016 will have a live HD videostream of the tournament on the website during the different tournaments. The videostream will be tested on 20 March at, when the finals of the Frisian Championships will be streamed.

12 Februari, 2016:

Burgomaster Eduard van Zuijlen’s presence at the award ceremony has just been confirmed by the Municipality of Franekeradeel. Because the Municipality is merging with two others in January 2018, his position is a temporary one and he does not live in or even near the town of Franeker. Despite this, he will attend the award ceremony on Sunday 20 March in person. See

Alderman Thiadrik Twerda will open the tournament on Tuesday evening, 15 March.

9 Februari, 2016:

Worldchampion international draughts Alexander Georgiev plays at Fryslan Open 2016.

7 Februari, 2016:

New tournament added to Toernooibase: 2015 Championships

6 Februari, 2016:

Worldchampion checkers Michele Borghetti plays at Fryslan Open 2016.

24 January, 2016:

Chess grandmaster Vasyl Ivanchuk plays at Fryslan Open 2016.

21 January, 2016:

Several national draughts champions confirmed their participation at Fryslân Open 2016.

8 January, 2016: launches new website.

4 January, 2016:

Clinic Frisian Draughts in Tresoar Leeuwarden

1 January, 2016:

Programme Fryslân Open 2016 released

27 December, 2015:

Foeke Tiemensma Dutch champion FRYSK!

22 December, 2015:

Petra Duskova, Czech champion FRYSK!

10 December, 2015:

Herre-Klaas Ykema school champion FRYSK!

1 October, 2015:

Exhibition Zamma Damas Damje, open until January 17 2016

World championship Frisian Draughts