WC Frisian Draughts
Alexander Georgiev
Hans Jansen
Vasyl Ivanchuk
Jean Marc Ndjofang
Renaud Braye
Marten Walinga
Hein de Vries
Kees Tijssen
Folkert Groenveld
Vaclav Krista
Davide Zhou
Jelle Wiersma
Foeke Tiemensma
Taeke Kooistra
Tjerk Wijbenga
Fedde Wiersma

Extra activities

Simultaneously with the finals, there will be open tournaments. These tournaments will be open to

1) participants of the World Championships who did not reach the finals;

2) teams from countries, draughts clubs, companies, friends, etc. (there will be at least one team from the Czech Republic and one team from Italy);

3) individual members of the public.

On Wednesday 8 August, there will be a Czech Draughts tournament, on Thursday 9 August an Italian Draughts tournament and on Friday 10 August a FRYSK! tournament (Frisian Draughts with only five pieces for each player).

Teams as well as individual players are free to enter one, two or all three of the tournaments. Each day, there will be prizes for both the best individual player and for the best team.

Each tournament will consist of nine Swiss rounds, with ample breaks to follow the finals of the World Championships between rounds. Playing time: 10 minutes plus 10 seconds per move (Fischer).

For each tournament, there is a maximum prize money of € 500.

Czech Draughts

Czech Draughts, or Česká Dáma, is one of several variations of draughts played on a 64-square board. It is similar to Spanish Draughts with one significant difference, viz. the obligation of capture by a king if both a king and a piece can make a capture. The game was brought to the Czech territories probably by the Habsburgs in the seventeenth century. It is played in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and Austria. Official rules for competitions were only drawn up by the Czech Federation of Draughts at the end of the twentieth century. Official competitions started to be organised at the same time. They include individual (since 1998) and team (2000) championships, youth competitions and many local tournaments. Series of school tournaments have been organized in Prague since 1997. Hundreds of school children participate each year. Czech Draughts was played during the Mind Sports Olympiad in London and Giochi Sforzeschi in Milan. Together with Frisian and Italian Draughts, it was played during some matches between four countries in Prague in 2003 and 2010. Slovakia has organised its own international championships since 2011. Matches between the Czech Republic and Slovakia are played every year.


* White starts the game.

* Pieces may only move and capture forwards.

* Kings may move and capture along any number of fields both backwards and forwards.

* Capture by a king is mandatory; otherwise, there are no rules if there are several capture options.

* If the same position occurs three times in a game, or if no capture has been made in the course of 15 moves, the game will end in a draw.

Czech Draughts can be played on the Checkers app (Android only).

You can play online on the free website https://www.hry.cz/hra/dama . In order to play, click ‘Hrat’ and in the next screen ‘Hraj hned’.

There is also the very strong programme Gigant 8.2 for PCs (Windows only), which can be downloaded for free from the website of the Czech Draughts Federation, www.damweb.cz

Italian Draughts

The Italian Draughts game, or Dama Italiana, is very old. The first sources that mention it date back to at least 1500. It has been played for centuries in Italy, and in 1924 the Italian Draughts Federation was founded in Milan. This Federation is the umbrella organization for 93 draughts clubs with over 60,000 members. Italian draughts is played on a 64-square board and has the peculiarity that a normal piece cannot capture a king. This gives the Italian draughts endgame a unique charm all of its own.


* The first move is made by white.

* Pieces may only move and capture forwards and cannot capture kings.

* Kings may move and capture backwards as well as forwards, but only one square at a time. Kings may only capture pieces on adjacent fields.

* The rules of capture are more or less the same as those for Frisian draughts: it is mandatory to capture the maximum number of pieces; if the number of pieces to be captured is equal in two or more options, capturing the king (or the greatest number of kings) is mandatory; if both the number and the nature of the pieces to be captured is equal, capture by a king is mandatory.

* In the endgame, when both players have at least one king, a decision must be reached in 40 moves otherwise the game will end in a draw.

Italian Draughts can be played on the Checkers or Checkers 3D Pro apps (Android only).


Rules of this draughtsgame are identical as Frisian Draughts but the starting position is with 5 pieces each. You can play and practise the game for free with the app FRYSK.

Many thanks to all the people and companies who supported us during the last 10 years to make the first World Championships Frisian Draughts possible!!

Special thanks to the family of Jelle Reitsma. The former top draughtsplayer Jelle Reitsma passed away this year.

His family has supported this championship with a great gift!

Tournament schedule and results:  Toernooibase


Frisian Draughts 2018

Marten Walinga

Results Czech draughts, 8 August 2018


1 (6,5 pts.) Filip Kareta

2-3 (6 pts) Jiri Sysel - Vaclav Krista

4 (5 pts.) Elia Cantatore

5-6 (4,5 pts.) Jean Marc Ndjofang - Hans Jansen

7-8 (4 pts.) Jan Adema - Renaud Braye

9 (3,5 pts.) Davide Tamborin

10-11 (3 pts.) Francesco Zappia - Lumir Gatnar

12 (2,5 pts.) Davide Zhou

13 (2 pts) Vasyl Ivanchuk

14 (1,5 pts.) Herbert Tulleken


1 (4.28 pts.) Czech Republic (Kareta, Sysel, Křišta, Gatnar, Ivanchuk)

2 (4.25 pts.) International (Ndjofang, Jansen, Adema, Braye)

3 (3.5 pts) Italy (Cantatore, Tamborin, Zappia, Zhou)

Results Italian draughts, 9 August 2018


1 (6,5 pts.) Davide Zhou

2-3 (5,5 pts.) Filip Kareta - Jiri Sysel

4-5 (5 pts.) Elia Cantatore - Franceso Zappia

6-9 (4,5 pts.) Davide Tamborin - Vaclav Krista - Auke Zijlstra - Jan Adema

10-13 (4 pts.) Vasyl Ivanchuk - Renaud Braye - Hans Jansen - Lumir Gatnar

14-15 (3,5 pts.) Jean Marc Ndjofang - Peter Leijenaar

16 (2 pts.) Jappie de Jong

17 (1,5 pts.) Peter Michaelsen

18 (0 pts.) Herbert Tulleken


1 (5.4 pts.) Italy (Zhou, Cantatore, Zappia, Tamborin)               

2 (4.7 pts.) Czech Republic (Kareta, Sysel, Krista, Ivanchuk)

3. (4 pts.) International team (Adema, Braye, Jansen, Ndjofang)

4. Fryslân (2.875 pts.) (Zijlstra, Leijenaar, De Jong, Michaelsen)

Results FRYSK!, 10 August 2018


1 (7 pts. + 1,5 pt) Taeke Kooistra

2 ( 7 pts. + 0,5 pt.) Folkert Groenveld

3 (5,5 pts.) Hein de Vries

4-5 (5 pts.) Dicky van der Meer - Bauke Dykstra

6-10 (4,5 pts.) Davide Zhou - Renaud Braye - Jappie de Jong - Jiri Sysel - Erwin Heslinga

11-15 (4 pts.) Tsjerk Wijbenga - Filip Kareta - Davide Tamborin - Elia Cantatore - Vasyl Ivanchuk

16-19 (3,5 pts.) Cor Kooistra - Vaclav Krista - Jean Marc Ndjofang - Lumir Gatnar

20 (3 pts.) Hans Jansen

21-22 (2,5 pts.) Theo Wolters - Francesco Zappia

23 (2 pts.) Douwe Namminga


1 (5 pts.) Team Skearnegoutum (Groenveld, C. Kooistra, De Jong, Dykstra, Van der Meer)

2 (4.625 pts.) Team Hartwert (Namminga, T. Kooistra, De Vries, Wijbenga)

3 (3.875 pts.) Team International (Heslinga, Jansen, Braye, Ndjofang)

4 ( 3.75 pts.) Team Italy (Zhou, Tamborin, Cantatore, Zappia)

5 (3.7 pts.) Team Czech Republic (Ivanchuk, Krista, Gatnar, Sysel, Kareta)

Play offs before the final
Hein de Vries
First opening move of the tournament excecuted by mr. Schrier
Four mindsporters in a row from Russia, Ukraine, Fryslân and Italy
Deep calculation by Alexander Georgiev
Georgiev against Kooistra
Folkert Groenveld
Ivanchuk enjoys his game with de Vries
Hard battle between Ivanchuk and Zhou
A few moments before the starting round
Everything is captured and streamed on a 360 webcam
Taeke Kooistra
Jean Marc Ndjofang
Sixteen finalists of the WC Frisian draughts (Tijssen is missing)
Overview of the four centre boards
Overview of the Orange room, the most beautifull playing location
Ivanchuk always playing..
Finals: Walinga versus Tiemensma and Wiersma versus Georgiev
Last game of the finals, Tiemensma wins
Walinga concentrates
Topbattle between Jelle Wiersma and Alexander Georgiev
Wiersma - Tiemensma
The winners of the first worldchampionship Frisian draughts
Czech players winning the Czech tournament
Top five of the tournament FRYSK!
The winning Italian team
Italian player Davide Zhou at the foreground

World Championships Frisian Draughts 2018

3 - 10 August in Leeuwarden


Leeuwarden Town Hall

Orange Room - WC Frisian Draughts

New Room (first floor): Analysing/public room

Hofplein 38

8911 HJ  Leeuwarden


Liuwe H. Westra


+31 6  308 375 86


1. Alexander Georgiev, Saint Petersburg (Russia)

2. Folkert Groenveld, Jutrijp (the Netherlands)

3. Václav Křišta, Prague (Czech Republic)

4. Davide Zhou, Aosta (Italy)

5. Jelle Wiersma, Wommels (the Netherlands)

6. Foeke Tiemensma, Franeker (the Netherlands)

7. Taeke Kooistra, Hartwerd (the Netherlands)

8. Tsjerk Wijbenga, Arum (the Netherlands)

9. Fedde Wiersma, Easterein (the Netherlands)

10. Hans Jansen, Amsterdam (the Netherlands)

11. Vasyl Ivanchuk, Lviv (Ukraine)

12. Jean Marc Ndjofang, Yaoundé  (Cameroon)

13. Renaud Braye, Liege (Belgium)

14. Marten Walinga, Waaksens (the Netherlands)

15. Hein de Vries, Leeuwarden (the Netherlands)

16. Kees Tijssen, Reduzum (the Netherlands)


Friday 3 August

round 1 (9.00h. – 13.00h.) and round 2 (13.30h. – 17.30h.)

Saturday 4 August

round 3 (9.00h. – 13.00h.) and round 4 (13.30h. – 17.30h.)

Sunday 5 August

round 5 (9.00h. – 13.00h.) and round 6 (13.30h. – 17.30h.)

Monday 6 August

round 7 (13.00h. - 17.00h.)

Tuesday 7 August

round 8 (9.00h. - 13.00h.)

Schedule 4 finalists and extra activities

Wednesday 8 August

round 1A 9.00 - 13.00h.) and round 1B (13.30h. - 17.30h.)

Tournament Czech draughts

Thursday 9 August

round 2A 9.00 - 13.00h.) and round 2B (13.30h. - 17.30h.)

Tournament Italian draughts

Friday 10 August

round 3A 9.00 - 13.00h.) and round 3B (13.30h. - 17.30h.)

Tournament FRYSK!

Frisian Draughts End Gaming with 5 pieces each