There are several steps to learning the game of Frisian draughts. Here are some of them:

1: Use one of the apps FRYSK or Frisian draughts and play against the computer first. After a few games, you will automatically get an understanding of how the rules work. This way of learning works quickly.
You can also create an account on these apps and challenge other players.

2. Use the app Lidraughts. On this platform, you can play FRYSK! as well as the classic Frisian draughts game. There are several tournaments every day.

Tip: Create an account with the name; first name - last name, with this you can become a member of the WFD-team on Lidraughts. For official competitions, this is a must.

3. On Lidraughts, you can play against the engine Scan but also use it to analyse your own games and endgames.

4. Improve your game by analysing others' games with Scan to find better moves.

Tip: Use the PDN-Game download of a game on Toernooibase and import them into Lidraughts.

5. Analyse game moments when Scan indicates sudden advantage or disadvantage. Find out which tactical or strategic moves are best.

6. Practise the puzzles on lidraughts and the draughts problems of, for example, Roel Bergsma. Your tactical insight will improve.