Our goal is to achieve greater recognition for Frisian draughts in particular, and we need more than 40 partners worldwide to do so.

The game is an established part of WMSG (World Mind Sport Games, created by IMSA the International Mind Sports Association), an event created in 2008 'as a stepping stone on the path to introducing a fourth kind of Olympic Games' in addition to the summer and winter Olympics. The 2008 inaugural event was held in Beijing, two months after the summer Olympics, and one month after the Paralympics. Five mind sports participated: Bridge, Chess, Draughts, Go, and Xiangqi (Chinese chess). The only other WMSGames (so far) were held in Lille, France. They started during the 2012 summer Olympics and concluded shortly before the end of the Paralympics. The games now also include backgammon, mahjong, shogi, bridge, poker etc.

MSO (Mind Sport Olympiad) has been held in the UK since 1997 with various associated events worldwide bearing the MSO name. It also includes Frisian draughts. In the future our goal is to be recognised as ARISF member, like the International Chess Federation and the World Bridge Federation.

Clearly there is massive global interest in mind games and the IOC (International Olympic Committee) will eventually realise the wisdom of giving them Olympic status. Supporting the WMSG & MSO is critical for mind sports to be integrated under the umbrella of the Olympics, and supporting WFD in its appeal to partners, is critical to establishing Frisian Draughts- the most authentic, historic and challenging variant of draughts first at the World Mind Sport Games, and ultimately at the Olympics. Every individual initiative helps build a stronger more persuasive network.

The journey is underway, and we are actively building our partnership list. All suggestions, contacts and references are welcome. Contact us to partner up with WFD and we will support you through the process. You in turn, will become members of a larger mind sport family, helping the evolution of mind sports in general as part of improving society, and will be part of the movement towards mind sport Olympic status.

To be recognised as a partner, organisations need to have a basic infrastructure (be it a giant cooperation or a draughts or chess club) with a president, treasurer, and secretary. If you know of or are:

  • an educational institution
  • a charity
  • a foundation
  • a club or association
  • a software developer or team
  • a registered company of any kind interested in any or all mind sports

CONTACT US ANYTIME and be part of our pioneer partners. Your active participation matters. Help us grow awareness, and lift Frisian Draughts and Mind Sports to the heights they deserve.